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I am now offering:

Soul Dance Teacher Training!


Learn how to facilitate this amazing

Soul Dance Class!



This is an extremely affordable business start up with super high value! And speaking from experience, it will be one of the most fulfilling endeavors you will ever take! My dancers just raved about the class! They loved it!

I taught myself, and became an expert at music selection, playlists and facilitating a dance program that had a huge impact on people’s lives, health and happiness. Plus…. it is easily teachable!

In my offering I will be including many of my playlists to get you started, my incredibly fantastic and huge music list, online training on how to facilitate classes, training on how to find amazing music, and how to create playlists (using my own wonderful playlist system I created), and a deeper understanding of Soul Dance.  Also include: PDF marketing files, image files, and guidance and advice for your website and/or Facebook page set up.

Plus… ongoing support in your first 4 months of business!

This dance experience really is absolutely amazing, and so much fun!  I was blessed to have this program come through me so naturally!



If you are interested, please email me so I can send you details of the dance program!







Soul Dance is a free-style dance class for fun, fitness, creative expression and soul connection! It is a mix of all music gendres, so you never grow tired of just one sound. We have created a beautiful community through dance and through our group meditation and sharing circle at the end of the evening. Even if you come feeling tired, sore or down, you will leave in a state of exuberance and bliss! We are a playful, heart-centered dance group that embraces new members – come join in!


Soul Dance is about:



Creative expression!

Connecting with others and yourself through dance and through our circle meditation and group sharing at the end of the evening!!

Soul, body, mind, spirit connection!

Exploring and expressing your soul’s truth, emotions, wisdom and creativity through dance!

Dancing all your different personalities!

Occasional Experimental Dance/Movement Exercises!

Creating a dance community! 

Exposure to new types of music and indie artists from all over the world, plus dancing to a few old favorites!!




Why we dance – watch this video!

Come out and dance for the pure joy of it!!!

And/or use it as an opportunity to experience your wholeness by

dancing all the aspects of your humanity!



Our Soul Dance Music Selection is carefully chosen to explore five distinct energies that can provide the opportunity to balance all aspects of our soul and life so we can truly experience our wholeness. (see the 5 Energies below)

So for example, lets say you are often ‘on the go’ (doing, producing and giving); the aspect and music of ‘Softness’ provides the opposite – a chance to experience just being and receiving.

Another example: you come to class feeling indecisive or confused about a situation in your life; with ‘Passion’, you can focus your energy on making a choice, and envision and feel what it is like to follow through on it while you are dancing!



5 Soul Dance Energies:

1. Softness – Music chosen to invoke: 

Grace, Sensuality, Love, Ease, Calm, Security, Receptivity, Patience, Feeling Groundedness, Community, Creativity…

When you are not in alignment with Spirit and Softness you may experience: Clumsiness, Pressure, Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Insecurity, Passivity, Neediness, Controlling and Judgmental thoughts and behavior.


2. Passion – Music chosen to invoke: 

Courage, Strength, Motivation, Drive, Intention, Desire, Generosity, Decisiveness, Clarity, Purpose, Adventure, Confidence…

When you are not in alignment with Spirit and Passion you may experience: Weakness, Inability, Doubt, Confusion, Ambivalence, Stagnation, Restlessness, Aggression, Possessiveness, Greed, Egotism, Conceit, Irresponsibility, Recklessness, Hysteria, Attention Seeking Behavior, Narcissism, Selfishness


3. Freedom – Music chosen to invoke: 

Mindlessness, Letting Go, Release, Transformation

When you are not in alignment with Spirit and Freedom you may experience:  Control, Carelessness, Stubborness, Conflict, Struggle, Worry, Stress, Paranoia.


4. Joy – Music chosen to invoke: 

Happiness, Lightness, Playfulness, Optimism… 

When you are not in alignment with Spirit and Joy you may experience: Sadness, Anxiety, Fear, Being Too Careful, Heaviness, Pressure, Grief.

5. Oneness – Music chosen to invoke:

Unity, Harmony, Connection, Belonging, Stillness, Peace, Spirit… 

When you are not in alignment with Spirit and Oneness you may experience:
Separation, Loneliness or Feeling Alone, Isolation, Meaninglessness  




Through Soul Dance we are able to 

feel the exuberance of a soul that is truly free!