The Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality of The Soul’s Journey

I invite you to read the following so you can decide if these words resonate with your soul. If they do…wonderful…let’s begin the journey with our minds and hearts fully open so we can realize our dreams and teach our souls to fly!

The Philosophy of Natural Evolution

…is a belief that the body, mind and soul are naturally evolving and expanding to

become their most joyful, loving, authentic and masterful-self.

I see every aspect of being human in relation to nature. Everything is a seed waiting to sprout and

blossom. There is nothing wrong – there are only things yet to be developed.

For example; the aspect of control is just the seed of creation and protection. People with the need to

control are beautiful seeds with the intent to create and protect but can only do so from fear, force and

manipulation…As the seed breaks free from the dark earth, they are then able to create and protect from

a place of love, light and inspiration.


Natural evolution is seeing nature and the laws of nature as a way to understand more of our own natural

ways. There are rhythms and cycles in nature, and also in our lives. Everything has its own pace and

cyclical nature. For example; love blossoms and withers, as does joy, flowers, adventure, faith,



Instead of viewing a person or relationship as dysfunctional, I view it as a seed that is growing in all ways

and capabilities. I believe that with spiritual connectedness, every soul has the potential seed of wholeness

within them that is germinating and growing – with the need to live life to its fullest, and to experience a

profound sense of peace, joy and love in their hearts.


The Philosophy of Natural Evolution is an expansive shift from traditional psychology which typically sees

a client as a body or mind in need of healing. I see an individual’s soul in need of expansion – to live life to

its fullest!  I view illness or suffering, (in any form), as a way to meet our needs. When we suffer, our needs

are getting met – it’s just that they are getting met without the evolutionary awareness and skills to fulfill

them in a loving and gentle way.  Many years ago a therapist said to me, “You don’t have to be sick in

order to get your needs met.” My soul was accustomed to suffering, and I unconsciously used sickness

as a way to justify my need to take a break from parenting by creating a 2 week stay in the hospital.

This awakened me to one of the greatest truths that turned my life around. From that experience, I

decided that any time I experienced suffering, there had to be an easier and more loving way to get my

needs met.


We no longer need to see ourselves as victims of abuse or suffering, but as willing soul

participants in a dramatic play where we have the choice to write and change our script in every moment.

No longer do we need to dig up the painful past in order to grow and move forward.

Instead of reliving the pain of what was missing, how we weren’t loved enough or how we were

negatively affected by our situations, society, culture and the people in our lives, I encourage

individuals to look back to see how negative and positive experiences supported their soul’s evolution

and expansion in their desire to naturally evolve and grow in all areas to reach their full potential. 



Although we are seeds that are growing in all ways and capabilities, and we have  the potential seed of wholeness

within us that is germinating and growing… in nature (and humans alike), some seeds take years

(or lifetimes) before they are ready to blossom and bear fruit.

If you are ready, I am here to help. As we find our grounding in the earth,  I will bring in the water to

help wash away any distorted perceptions and beliefs, and add the sunlight for you to see the beauty and

wondrous possibilities in your soul – and for your life.


Seeds takes time to bear fruit, and it also takes time to find sustainable peace and happiness…especially if

we have lived with pain, suffering and sadness for a long time. But gradually we can increase our

awareness that light exists…that love, bounty and laughter is just beneath the surface of suffering.

Often it’s just a thin layer of earth to break through before we sprout and feel the warmth of the sun.



Philosophy of Soul


The philosophy of the soul seeks to understand the things that impact our thinking, our

bodies, our experiences and the evolution and expansion of our soul.

Our lives – (how we feel, what we think, the health of our bodies, the path we choose to walk and how we

live our lives,) – is a reflection of the state of our soul. Every amount of happiness, contentment, success

and bounty correlates to our soul’s stage of development.


The Soul’s Journey, along with your inner wisdom, provides the teachings and tools for reflection, insights

and awareness, through the exploration and understandings of life experiences, choices, thoughts, beliefs,

expectations, judgments, emotions, values, needs and dreams.


Once we truly acknowledge and explore our soul, we will understand how and why we create and attract

situations, conditions and people into our lives. We become accountable for our feelings, thoughts and

experiences. We expand in maturity, and become masters of ourselves and our lives. We also begin to

recognize the positive impact that we can have on our lives, our development, our relationships and the

rest of the world!



Spiritual Psychology


Spiritual psychology is about awakening and inviting the highest spiritual energy known, (divine energy,

source, god, higher-self, creator…etc) to affect positive change  in the way we feel, think and how we

interact with the world.


The integration of spirit is essential to experience life with ease and grace, and it enables us to reach our

full potential in areas like authenticity, trust, freedom, love, peace, adventure, compassion and joy.


A Spiritual Soul Guide will have reached a high level of self awareness, mastery and love, and is able to help

others understand the ‘how’s and why’s’ of what they are co-creating. They don’t work with an air of

professional detachment. They facilitate awareness and growth with the authentic and equal sharing of

personal experiences and wisdom for mutual benefit… knowing that our experiences, wisdom and gifts are

the jewels we have to offer.


Spiritual Soul Guides are able to achieve quick, effective and sustainable results. They help others to

realize that everything that happens in life has an important purpose and reason for being. They help

others to reach their full potential. They help turn victims into leaders, and tyrants into compassionate




Eco Psychology



There is a deeply bonded and reciprocal relationship between humans and the rest of nature. And if there

is separation of humans from nature, there is suffering – both for the environment (as ecological

devastation) and for humans (as grief, despair, and alienation).


There is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being. It is the law of cause and effect –

the action of one has an effect on another – both in benefits and detriments.


The beneficial effect of natural settings, even looking at pictures of landscapes forms the basis for

human sanity and optimal psychological development.


Eco-psychology seeks to understand our relationship with the Earth. A healthy ecosystem is inseparable

from a healthy psyche. A simple example is when we worry and stress out when our children are ill. Our

psyche also suffers when we see the ill effects that our planet is going through.


Unhappiness is a psychological state which occurs when our needs or expectations are not met, or when we

experience a series of life situations that we don’t want to accept. What is the natural environment of your

body, mind and soul? What can you do today to met your needs, adjust your expectations, and accept and

appreciate everything around you?


A healthy mind, body and soul are necessary for a healthy environment, and vice versa. Think about how

good you feel after you clean your house. The condition of our surroundings plays a vital part in our

happiness, and when we are happy, we tend to treat others and our world more kindly.


We (all of nature) are all one. We are not separate from nature, we are nature. Our universe, our planet,

our species and everything on it is evolving. We need to forgive and accept ourselves and each other. Along

with keeping the belief that all is improving and all will be well, we need to also take positive action. We can

improve the condition of our environment by first accepting how things are, then by starting to improve

the environment of our mind, body and soul, and by believing in the expansion of love and kindness in

everything. We all play a part. Our part is staying connected to the divine, and to live life from a place of

joy and kindness to all!