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I would like to share some personal history, and more about how the guidance cards came into being.

How The Soul’s Journey Guidance Book Began

Along with love and joy, all through my childhood and into my thirties I had participated in, and tolerated,

my fair share of trauma, suffering and drama. And because I perceived my relationships with men as

difficult and unsatisfying, I decided to begin the serious business of therapy.

I agreed to acknowledge and mourn the suffering I experienced. Therapy helped me get in touch with the

grief I felt from all the trauma and pain, and it helped to explain my circumstances, but I began to feel like a victim of

my upbringing and my environment, and I became self-absorbed in the sadness of all that went wrong.  Much later, I

realized that  part of what was going on at the soul level was my need (and comfort zone) to suffer and tell a sad

story, and I was now  paying someone to continue the drama. I didn’t know it then, but my soul was in great need

of positive outlook, personal power, purpose, joy, accountability, and a grateful, tender, strong, loving, kind and

giving heart and guide/mentor.

Unconsciously I was unwilling to live a wonderful life; until one day, in a psychology workshop

training program (half way across the world), the first words from the program director was, “wow you have

all traveled a long way to cry”. It was said in the belief that you have to heal your wounds before you help

others. I already did that! At that moment I told myself…enough. I’ve had enough crying to last me 5 life times.

I was done with  focusing on what was wrong with me and my life. I wanted my sad, ‘dramatic life contract’ to come to

an end. I wanted to feel free, playful and vibrant!

Even though my new awareness was life changing, I realized that I still needed advice and guidance to

keep me headed on this new path. I flew back home, and decided to write my own guidance/coaching

system to use so I could live my new contract of happiness, peace, trust, love… and begin living life from a

place of ease and joy!

I wrote for almost 2 years, and then I started using my Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards for self-discovery and growth,

which evolved into sharing it with others. I was then inspired, and also encouraged by friends and family, to share this

professionally with others. Since I felt absolute joy in helping friends and family, I now share them

professionally in service. I am passionate about helping others discover their strengths, gifts, blessings and

beauty of their past and present, and to help them create an amazing future!


I then went on to acquire my certification as a Soul Coach ®. This program increased my wisdom

and skills which I lovingly extend to others by helping them align their inner soul purpose and passions with their

outer life.

I have also studied NVC (Non-Violent Communication) for one year, and continue practicing it in my

personal and professional life with remarkable results in relationship transformation; with others and with



I am super passionate about helping others create a fabulous life! 


My love, and wishes of happiness and meaning to us all,