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The Soul’s Journey  Guidance Cards App is no longer compatible with the latest ios version 🙁  

When the funds are there I will do an app upgrade. If you have an older ios phone or ipad it will still work.


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Testimonials –


1.  super! – ★★★★★

this one fits me well.. great job! something to fall in love with! – by alejandramiliani

2.  Beautiful Cards – ★★★★★

App allows to Choose between 1-card, 3-card and 5-card readings It has 52 cards, I can browse each and can read Meaningful and very interesting text linked with each card! – by darshana

3.  A great app!! – ★★★★★

A wonderful little app filled with lots of valuable insights and wisdom. Works great as a way to receive guidance on stuff that happens during the day. Or to go deeper into the soul journey process. – by Freebird69

 4.  I purchased your “app” and wanted to tell you that I absolutely love them! They look so amazing on my iPad. They were spot on for my friend and I the other day. We were having lunch on New Year’s Eve and I was giving her a mini-soul coaching session. After lunch, we did the 5 card draw and it was so aligned with what we had just been talking about. So congrats, I am going to send this link out to my clients. Good luck with this beautiful creation of yours. You must be so proud. Best Wishes – Maria Clark

5.  – This is the most beautiful app! I love using the cards and really love the way the app shuffles them. Great job! These are the most beautiful cards I’ve seen and the app for your phone or tablet is amazing. Check it out!”Teresah, I love your cards! I use them every day and find them so spot on! – Tracey

6.   I thank you for your wise cards and guidance. My friend connected me with your cards. I have been using them for over a year now and have been stunned by their accuracy. It amazes me that a phone app can communicate universal messages!  They have helped me process some difficult life situations, including the death of my grandfather last summer. The cards brought me peace and sense of direction when my world was spinning. Thank you for the gift of your cards. – Sarah