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The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards and Book is a Complete

Self-Coaching and Self-Counseling System

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About The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards:

Because we learn best when we are curious, interested, entertained or having fun, I came up with a system that makes personal growth interesting and enjoyable! Years of research, education, experience, development and love went into the making of The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards.

The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards take you far beyond the regular guidance of oracle or tarot cards.The Soul’s Journey Cards encompass many different teachings for self-discovery, soul expansion and life transformation. It is a guidance system that incorporates philosophy, psychology, spiritual guidance, laws of nature, coaching, counseling and a variety of condensed personal growth seminars.



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More About The Soul’s Journey Guidance Cards:


Explorers and Story Tellers

We are explorers at heart, and we have the natural desire to want to experience more.  The Guidance

Cards assist the exploration of the vast inner wisdom and landscape of your soul. The journey can help you

feel freer and happier, and it can help you reach your full potential so you can lead a fulfilling life. The cards

act as a mirror to reflect your inner self. They also shine a light on your path, allowing you to see the

journey you have chosen, why you have chosen it, and if there is an easier and a more loving and joyful

path to take.


We are also natural born story tellers, and our lives are the result of the story and script that we are

writing, directing and acting out. The cards bring awareness and focus to the aspect of the story that needs

attention…it can light up areas of appreciation, acceptance, or perhaps areas that need some revision. You

can write any story you wish to tell…isn’t it about time to tell a story about love, adventure, laughter and joy!


A story that is a literary award winner can take time to create. And while happiness can be created in an

instant, often with just a shift in perspective;  –  creating a life story in which you experience sustainable

happiness and fulfillment  is a slower process. We have tried the ‘quick fix’ and the life style of  faster,

bigger, better, but our fast food living is leaving us sluggish and just a little more bloated than we’d like…

and that’s not the kind of expansion we want! With the realization that we are naturally evolving

in-time with nature’s rhythms and cycles, we continue the profoundly beautiful expansion of our soul

and our life with much more appreciation, ease, joy and love.


I sincerely hope the journey of  your soul is filled with many blessings of love, peace and joy!

Teresah Lynn