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Maturity and Mastery


Maturity, in part, is the ability to experience and understand our deepest feelings and needs, and we are able to express these feelings, and fulfill our needs in appropriate and constructive ways.


A mature person eagerly seeks out areas of growth and development. They are adept at understanding the strengths and weaknesses in others, and in themselves.

A mature person is responsible and accountable. They take full responsibility for past and current life experiences, and recognize that their future is a path paved with personal choices. They are accountable for their actions and circumstances in life, and they have the ability to know the difference between what they are responsible for and for what part others are responsible for.

Maturity is:

  • to be realistic, and in touch with reality,
  • to be internally motivated, taking more and more self-direction
  • to present ourselves authentically
  • to be assertive without passivity or aggression,
  • to be flexible rather than rigid,
  • to develop beliefs based on personal experience rather than hearsay,
  • to disagree without the need to compete,
  • to be friendly without the need for attention,
  • to seek without the fear of failure or rejection.

With personal maturity in place, we are able to reach out and give to others from a position of strength – rather than take from others based on our needs.


Mastery means there is no more suffering or problems. We have reached human greatness in all areas, such as compassion, generosity, love, peace, wisdom, forgiveness, accountability, confidence, innocence, self-love, self-acceptance, freedom, joy and trust. We are no longer trying to become someone because we realize we have always been enough. We no longer need to improve, only to know that we are already sufficient in order to appreciate our world and to be of benefit to it.

The master and creative spirit in us is alive in all of us, and as masters we only do what brings life more joy, love, fulfilment and peace. We inspire others as we live and act by what moves our soul and touches our heart.

We no longer live in fear. We are courageous, and our faith and confidence is an inspiration for others. We bring messages of hope and abundance – and our gifts are used selflessly, thinking of what is in the best interest and well being of all.

Masters do not present themselves as a gurus or messengers of the divine. They have no need for followers. They do not directly impart their truths and wisdom. Masters support others in finding their own inner-light, their own understandings, and their own truths and beliefs.

Mastery is when our inner and outer beauty shines through us, lighting a path with ease and happiness that others can follow. We help remove any obstacles that may hinder another’s growth, leaving them behind. “Mastery is awakening the aspiration (or vow) that says – before I myself step into another world, I will take all sentient beings with me.” It is being concerned with the welfare and happiness of everyone who crosses our path. We will become this masterful spirit only when we release all our hate, disdain, resentments, anger, judgement, blame, and fear. It may seem impossible to become such a noble spirit, but if we commit our life to the release of all our dark, we will experience a spiritual transformation, and experience profound joy, love, and happiness within!


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