Testimonials -


” I have been processing since leaving you this afternoon, it was so so so good on so many levels, not the least of which to be in the company of a kindred spirit, one who understands accountability and integrity.  I am so grateful to the universe for crossing our paths.  Also, I have noticed that my ability to bare my soul and be vulnerable with and in the presence of others makes space for them to do so as well…it hasn’t been often that I’ve encountered another that has been able to do that for me, your ‘humility’ and acceptance was a precious gift for me today, I am deeply honoured. ” – Tracey


- ” Teresah is a very authentic, intuitive, compassionate woman. She has a unique gift as a Soul Coach, assisting the journey inward to that sacred place within…the source of ultimate authenticity and self-discovery. Thank you for assisting me to explore and express the truth of my soul”

Sharon Blair


- “Teresah has an amazing gift of insight. She sees and feels your souls needs before you recognize it yourself. Her love and compassion creates a safe place for you to get in touch with your souls true knowing. – I feel I am walking a new path; the path to my heart.”

much love, Randy Neeky


- “The warmth and wisdom which Teresah gives to all, make her a wonderful Soul Coach. It has been a delight knowing her.

Kara Eddington


“ From the moment I arrived a sense of comfort and openness was present. The group was amazing and we all seemed to connect to one another through each others experiences. I had never experienced a group reading before and it went very well. I felt energized, yet calm and thankful when I left, and full of insight…I saw, connected, experienced and realized and letting go of many things, the evening was amazing. ” — Sherrie  


“ Awesome! Double awesome!! This is a great opportunity to ask questions in a great environment that allows each participant to open to the truth within. ” – Alisa


“Another fabulous night of sharing and expansion. Teresah is an incredible lady who has great insight and is able to assist others to find their truth.” – Helen


“Whole, Joy, Desire..I can’t wait till next week…I feel inspired!” – Annie


“I experienced looking deeply into my inner-self and connecting with what I am looking for …and a knowing of where I am right now. Teresah, you are an amazing inspirational speaker” – Marg