Meaning of My Life

Meaning of My Life


This morning I have been thinking about life purpose, and I came up with four questions for myself.

Ok, the questions may not be so simple….. 


Find some quiet time, close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and ask your soul’s wisdom these 4 questions. 

If you don’t know – just take a guess. The answers may come later as well.


1. Why am I here?

2. What is my mission?

3. What is my purpose?

4. What gives my life meaning and fulfilment?


Before you read my answers, I  REALLY RECOMMEND that you ask these questions of your self first. We may all have different answers.


Did you really answer them for yourself first?


Ok, my answers.


1. Why am I here? To enjoy the physical senses and pleasures of being a human on this planet. So this includes all the activities and relationships I find enjoyable.

2. What is my mission? To discover how to enjoy every moment of every day without any discomfort or suffering.

3. What is my purpose? To help others enjoy their time on this planet.

4. What gives my life meaning and fulfilment? To feel successful at accomplishing the three things above.











So to be successful (happy with being a human on this planet) I look at my four questions and answers, and…. do what needs doing!

So I:

1. Spend time with people and activities that make me feel happy.

2. Keep exploring new possibilities and perspectives that decreases discomfort and increase the amount of time I spend doing things that feel great.

3. Take the opportunity to answer the calls for help, and offer it when it feels right to do so.

4. To acknowledge my successes and feel gratitude for the amount of happiness and fulfilment I already have.

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