Forget About Your Dreams

Forget About Your Dreams

Top Ten Methods to Never Achieve Your Goals


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Reverse psychology is great!

Top Ten Methods to Never Achieve Your Goals

1. Be really vague about it. Do not get specific about what you want to achieve.


2. Keep it a secret. Never tell a soul about your dreams for the future-not even yourself.


3. Hang around people who also aren’t going for their goals. Success is contagious, so stay away from anyone who has clear goals and a plan to achieve them.


4. Never, EVER write down your goals. The mere act of writing down your goals is a giant step toward achieving them, so this is a big no-no.


5. Listen to all your fears and doubts.  If you accidentally find yourself moving toward a goal, quickly give in to your fears and doubts. After all, fear is stronger than you, right?


6. Give up the instant you are faced with an obstacle. Any obstacle is a sure sign that you should not proceed with your goals.


7. Take the advice of anyone who thinks your goals are ill-advised / impossible /

improper / wrong / crazy / unaffordable / naive. Everybody knows that cynicism is more realistic than imagination.


8. Never, EVER take a risk. Stay in your comfort zone; it’s much safer.


9. Do not start anything until you are 100% sure of the outcome. Wait until all conditions are “perfect” and you know exactly how it will turn out.

10. See unexpected results for what they really are: failure. Not all results will be what you wanted and therefore you are a failure and your life is a failure. You may as well give up now. Follow these simple rules and you can settle for anything!

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