Yonder Valley – giving,…and positive manipulation?

Yonder Valley – giving,…and positive manipulation?

A new way of being on the Earth

March 9, 2013


Yonder Valley

Yonder valley






The nature of giving.

Just expressing my thoughts on giving and helping.

How often is our giving or helping coming from our own desire to be of benefit or to feel good?  When we help or give without asking if it is wanted, isn’t it just an assumption that we think we know what the other person needs? What happens when the givers intent is to make us happy when we are already happy? To me, this is manipulation. Positive intention manipulation mind you, but manipulation none the less.

When someone is out to change me, they are thinking that I need to change for the better ~ (their idea of better). I was faced with this issue lately. I was given gifts and a barrage of compliments I did not want by someone who admitted they did this to try to make me happy. But it was really their own presumptions and possible projection that I wasn’t happy.  I was already happy, and my happiness cup had run-ith over, and I had to wipe up the mess.

Let’s say I was really sad, and that person wanted me to be happy. Same thing. They want my reality to change (sometimes for their own sake). Again manipulation and control.

Have you ever smiled at someone in hope’s that it will brighten their day or that they smile back? I have. It is subtle manipulation. It isn’t authentic. It is not a spontaneous smile. It is great to give if you feel it – but if you are doing it in hopes to change them or in hope of a response, then it can back fire!


To me this is natural, authentic giving:

We naturally give to others just by our own natural fragrance that spreads through the valley…( Kahlil Gibran said it best)..

…”it is when you give of yourself that you truly give….. there are those who give….[without seeking] joy, nor give with mindfulness of virtue; They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space. Though the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth.”

To me what Kahlil is saying, is to play, give, share, create, work, love..etc..without manipulation and thought for the next moment or outcome. Be and do from a place of personal self- full- ness, not selfishness. From a place of pure joy, creativity or curiosity. Like painting for the joy of it, not for the sale of it – unless the selling and sale is joyful as well.

I have no desire to change the world or others ‘for the better’…everything is perfect for optimal expansion. I only desire for personal change and growth. For this world is just a stage for what I need and want. I have created my reality ever since I was in the womb. Let the villains and victims keep acting out their story…they have a right to experience whatever they want as well. As a child, I am responsible for the life I have chosen to be born into. I needed and wanted all that I experienced.

I choose to keep exploring and co-creating with others.

And I choose to give naturally.

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