Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable Happiness

Happiness can come to us simply in the form of a pill – however – true sustainable happiness requires us to be in harmony with our soul’s natural evolution.




One night, last year, I went out. I had a few drinks, dancing, …got my ‘wild one’ on :)

I haven’t had an evening like that for many, many years. It sort of felt fun at the time – but it did not the next day. The people I met had different values, beliefs etc. – no potential for close relationships or life happiness that can be built upon. I felt drained, sad and sluggish after.

lesson learned -

Because of last night, I realize that that kind of fun is not for me. It drained me – set me back – did not add to my plan for sustainable happiness. I do not wish to have experiences that leave a bad after-taste – but ones I can expand upon. Experiences that increase my happiness and quality of living AFTER the experience is over. So instead of bar singing, drinking and dancing, I go back to singing and jamming with friends, drinking my smoothies, and swing, tango, salsa and 5 rhythm dance. No bad after effects from those activities!

Building for the future…I know, is a paradox, as our physical life is not permanent. However, I wish to meet life on its own terms, the term of non-permanency, and accept that despite the ending of it all, I still choose to build. To build meaningful relationships, and to build experiences that make life sweeter for all with no ill “side effects”.

I posted this in hopes of sharing some insight into sustainable happiness. Like when I eat well or do a coaching session – I feel wonderful after. It adds beauty to my inner world and outer world. It gives me more loving, positive energy than I had before the experience.

In our new fast world, we want happiness NOW! I’ll just pop a pill to get my serotonin level up. There are natural ways to do this as well so that our ocean fishes won’t test positive for prozac levels in their system! With 28 million on anti-depressants in the USA – that’s a lot of chemicals going down the toilet and into our oceans. There has to be a better way. 

So doing things like drugs, bad movies, junk food binging, visiting people you don’t respect for the sake of company.. etc. is all temporary filler that leaves me feeling worse in the long run. With that in mind, there is no point in beating yourself up for doing something that isn’t that good for you or our planet.  I  am not expecting myself to be perfect… I can say,  “today, this is the best I can do – I consciously choose the quick fix. ”

But whenever you can; ask for inspiration to walk the path of true lasting happiness… to raise the quality of your soul, your life and therefore your (our) world!

Blessings of deep love and sustainable happiness to you all.

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