Ascension – Learning To Fly

Ascension – Learning To Fly

2012 has indeed brought about some powerful energy that has generated awakenings, realizations,  transitions, and transformations…

…and I wanted to share my thoughts on the energetic shifts many of us are  going through. 

In our soul and in our lives, we experience all sorts of endings, along with glimpses of something wanting to be born. Something that fits who we are becoming.  We are either flying, gestating, or in the process of shedding our old self and our old lives much like a caterpillar does. I am finding that the old no longer fits, and as a highly sensory intuitive person, the changes that are happening are challenging because they are occurring quicker than expected.  Yet it makes it easier to handle knowing we are not alone in this; that many others are also experiencing this rapid transformation as well….. And at any time we can slow it down.


When we make the decision to ascend and learn to fly, we must first be aware that that we are growing wings, and we have the option of dragging them around, or using them to soar to new heights. I have tried to remain in my old skin but as comfortable as it was, it is starting to bind and pinch….somewhere or someone.

In order to fly, we need to making changes in our lives that honour and support our new wings. We need to find our authentic self, for me this means that I need to honour my need of living in community on a farm. Growing food, sharing meals, playing together.

The changes can feel intense if we don’t know what is happening. I often forget I am about to emerge. I am still in my cocoon with the odd sensation of flutterings in my arms at times. It shows up as anxiety when I forget I am growing wings. Right now, at least for me, this is one of them! I woke one morning with a heavy feeling along with anxiety – as the song “Don’t worry baby, everything will turn out all right” played over and over in my head!! lol.  I also experience a heaviness and sadness – as I am leaving my old self behind. I have consciously made many changes in the last 2 years. Changing my career to counselling, ending friendships that no loner suit the new me I am becoming,  my closest 2 friends moved away, I moved to a new city but now wanting to return to the country, trying to make new friendships. With all these changes, I am sometimes experiencing loneliness and a loss of belonging as well as trying to find new ways to feel secure.  Money is no longer my security at this time.  Yet I feel a real excitement for the opportunity to find my way through this! The root chakra, which is correlated to issues of safety and security are being tested to the maximum limit. Many of us are experiencing major financial concerns.  The first chakra is the adrenal glands which are associated with the body’s response to stress, and produces excessive adrenaline brought on by real and imagined danger. So we need to take extra measures to find inner balance, experience peacefulness, strengthen our trust in life, and have faith above all else. Although I am challenged by this issue, my faith and belief in myself when I stay true to my needs and values, is fairly strong.

We need to go slow, we can’t fly before our wings are dry.

The feelings of anxiety can now be seen as an indication of the crown and heart chakra opening to higher energy frequencies.  The heavy feeling of sadness or impending doom is due to our old cellular make up. Our body needs to prepare it self for this higher transformational energy.  I have chosen to prepare it. I am eating more vegetables (better flight fuel), rest and exercise, and meditating more often to remember that I am in training to fly.

The abundance always shows up when I need it some how, some way. I remind myself that things always work out. And “Worry is Imagination Misplaced”. I tell myself that miracles happen in my life right when I need it. I believe in myself, my authentic efforts and in miracles.

I then focus on gratitude. Practising gratitude is not in the mind, but in the heart. I received the Appreciation Card (gratitude)  this morning when I needed guidance about if I should sell my cards at a street market. It didn’t make much sense at the time but now it does. I need to feel gratitude for the courage it took to make all the big changes I have taken on, and  relax and appreciate my successes, and to not push myself to do more so soon. To really feel it, we need to shift our focus on the heart, and really experience the feeling of love and gratitude there. I have so much that I didn’t have before: High self-esteem, purposeful/joyful work, deeper faith, better self care/love,  authentic living, courage, adaptability, strength, accountability, determination, periodic happiness for no reason, deeper, more loving, more inspiring and supportive connections, …wow…that’s incredible!

When our energy is in transition, we may indulge in unhealthy desires and addictions by finding comfort in films, TV, food, drink, turbulent relationships, or distractions of any kind. We are looking for a way to find familiarity and comfort however we can.  This is a time to remember that we need to train for our flight. It is okay to find comfort and rest..there is no urgency to fly. It will happen at different times and pace for each of us. Yet along with rest and comfort – start your training.  Training is best done when it is joyful or interesting – (in a healthy way).

We may think that flying will be scary,  but remember, at one time we learned to walk. When we first started, we still crawled at times, then we tried walking again. There is NOTHING to fear in learning to fly either. It is as natural as learning to walk. It is only harder if you perceive it to be. Let go of the time line – (the day of flight), and trust in the divine energy that we have access to through our higher chakras, and learn to ask for help when needed.

Another ascension symptom is intense, vivid dreams or waking up in the middle of the night – around 2-3:00 in the morning. When it happens, breathe deep, understand exactly what it is that frightens you, and make any necessary changes to eliminate your fears. Also, release any fears that are not based on reality. If you are faced with decisions to make, and no answer is coming, have faith that the answer will arrive at just the right time.

Focus on all the wonderful things in life, and know that everything is working out for my highest good. There is no need to rush through these changes because it will occur when I am truly ready.

Blessings of peace, gratitude and soulful purpose,


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